In Albania, more than 50 accidents occur every day

In Albania, more than 50 accidents occur every day.

The consequences of these accidents are material and health.

All citizens who are innocently involved in car accidents and suffer physical injuries are entitled to compensation.

In case the vehicle that caused the accident is uninsured, unidentified or with foreign insurance, the parties injured by these events have the right to receive compensation from the Albanian Insurance Bureau.

In the opposite case, ie the vehicle causing the accident is insured with an insurance company, then the injured persons in these events have the right to compensation from this insurance company.

In any case, contact the Albanian Insurance Bureau or insurance companies in person for the benefit of the value of the damage calculated according to the law.

The award of the indemnity value will be made immediately after the completion of the necessary documentation according to the special insurance law.

Please note at all times the obligation to insure the motor vehicle for as long as this means of transport remains in circulation.

On the contrary, in addition to administrative measures in monetary value by law, any cause of accident with an uninsured vehicle, has the obligation to return to the Bureau, any amount paid by the latter for these events.

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